Lucky Dinosaur is the home of many projects, some large and some small. When a project is ready to be shared with the rest of the world, we love to show off like everyone else.

Past projects contributed to or created with collaborators of Lucky Dinosaur:


ParrotSnap is a new way of working with information inside and outside of Microsoft Excel to increase accuracy, efficiency and collaboration.

bLive by B Productions

A live streaming platform that handles New York Fashion Week biannually, and other large video productions.


A price comparison shopping platform for outdoor gear. Crawls, combines and indexes products from over 75 retailers.


An E-Commerce/CRM platform for businesses. Processed over 75 million dollars in revenue.

Shorter projects

Checking OCSP status of a SSL certificate

Listing keyframes from HLS segments

scrypt Work Factor Benchmark Analysis on EC2

Analyzing the work factor parameter of scrypt on EC2 with benchmarks for protecting passwords at speed.

Released Amazon::DynamoDB on CPAN.

CPAN was missing a fully featured and tested module that interfaced with DynamoDB. So I've taken a half working module, finished it and write a bunch of tests for DynamoDB's API.

Find the shortest available domain names.

It's really nice to have a short domain name. Unfortunately, most of these short domains have long ago been registered in the most popular TLDs like .com. But it never hurts to check to see what is potentially available.

Find the largest integer where all triples are prime.

For instance the number 94199 the triples would be 941, 419, 199. The goal was to find the largest number where all of the triples are prime where no triple prime is repeated. This problem was posed as a challenge to secure an interview. Solved in Prolog for just for fun.