Rusty Conover


Cofounder, ParrotSnap

Feb. 2014 - 2014

Founder, Lucky Dinosaur

2013 - 2014

  • Contributed live video streaming encoding and distribution platform with B Productions /
  • Planned and successfully delivered hundreds terabytes of video content to millions of viewers around the world. Clients include top fashion brands such as Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, and Tori Burch. The platform has been used to provide live video streaming on the the homepage of the New York Times.
    Utilized: Amazon Web Services, Elastic Load Balancing, Autoscaling, RTMP, HTTP, Perl, PHP, Redis, Amazon Redshift, Route 53, ffmpeg, C, Flash, Node.js, npm, Cloudfront/Akamai, ChinaCache, Nginx, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Zencoder
  • Achieved peak production request rate at >850,000 requests per minute.
  • Designed and built new encoding technology including "live clipping" a technology to produce clips without requiring re-encoding of the entire duration of an event. Also developed a cloud based transcoder that would receive either HLS or RTMP input and stream to any designated set of formats and bitrates.
    Utilized: Node.js, Perl, C, Shell, HLS, FTP, Amazon S3, Cisco Inlets, Elemental Encoders
  • Authored adaptive video encoding strategy for iOS, Android, and Flash/RTMP clients.
    Utilized: H.264 with Adaptive Bitrates, HTTP Live Streaming, AAC audio encoding, RTMP, RTSP.
  • Spearheaded efforts for scaling video delivery and analytics utilizing Amazon Web Services. Performed integration with Zencoder for live transcoding and video on demand.

CTO and Cofounder, InfoGears

2002 - 2014

  • As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder, lead all aspects of technology development to achieve business goals from a startup to a mature operating business.
    Utilized: C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HTML, CSS
  • Supervised development and maintained a full software stack for a $30 million+ dollar ecommerce, CRM and recurring billing platform utilized by clients including AT&T, Outdoor Research, Icebreaker and Simms Fishing.

2007 - 2014

  • Conceptualized and developed a price comparison website for outdoor gear and electronics.
    Utilized: C, Perl, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, XML, XPATH, XSLT, JavaScript, TCP/IP, Unix Sockets, SQLite, JSON, HTTP, FTP, SOAP, REST, Memcached, Apache Solr, SNMP
  • Grew to over $21 million in sales. Worked with over 100 partners including, Zappos,, REI, Patagonia, Moosejaw, Backpacker Magazine and InStyle/Time Inc. Worked with online advertising platforms to broaden the reach of the website (Google Adwords, Twitter Advertising)
  • Implemented asynchronous web crawling infrastructure (HTTP/1.1 with sessions), distributed redundant storage, an image similarity search engine (3d color histograms, SIFT keypoints), XML parsing and data extraction, custom PostgreSQL database types, integration with data feeds and affiliate sales networks.
  • Utilized dynamic programming techniques and simulated annealing to determine product uniqueness from multiple stores without using UPC or non reliable product attributes.

Creator, MovieRadar

2012 - 2013

  • An iOS app which combines geolocation and route finding with movie listing to calculate optimal movie show times, locations and travel modes. Available free in the App Store.
    Utilized: Objective-C, Perl, UIKit, JSON, AFNetworking

Systems Programmer, Zoot Enterprises

1998 - 2002

  • Engineered and designed multiple aspects of a distributed credit decisioning platform and web infrastructure. Worked on distributed transaction processing, fraud prevention and redundancy planning.
    Utilized: C, C++, MySQL, Java, BerkeleyDB, Perl, Python, TCP/IP, SNA, AIX, Solaris, X11, GNOME, SVN, CVS
  • Deployed projects for top financial institutions in the US including Wells Fargo, LendingTree and Bank of America.



  • Startup/Bootstrapping Entrepreneurial Experience, Brand Development, E-Commerce optimization and growth, Online Marketing and Advertising (CPC, Retargeting, Conversion optimization, Affiliate marketing), Online payment processing, Fraud detection/prevention.


Technology Experience Knowledge Level Details
Programming Languages
C 24 years Expert BSD Networking/IPC, multithreading, multiple processes, memory mapping, debugging and profiling.
C++ 14 years Proficient Boost framework
Objective C 2 years Proficient iOS Development, Mac OS X development, XCode/Interface Builder, CocoaPods
Java 15 years Proficient Solr, ant, Tomcat, familiar with internals of the JVM.
Javascript 4 years Proficient Experience with node.js, client side scripting, npm.
Perl 16 years Expert Several large projects involving CPAN, Catalyst, Moose, Dancer, LWP.
PHP 7 years Proficient Extension development with C
Python 3 years Proficient Twisted, natural language processing
Ruby 2 years Proficient Ruby on Rails, rubygems
SQL 15 years Expert PostgreSQL, DB2, Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, Oracle, SQLite, MySQL. Implementation, replication, data type design, query optimization. PostGIS.
NoSQL 3 years Proficient BerkeleyDB, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, Riak
Web Technologies
Apache 8 years Expert Extensive experience with virtual hosting, mod_proxy, mod_cache, mod_rewrite, mod_perl, mod_deflate, SSL and configuration automation.
CSS 5 years Proficient
HTML 17 years Expert HTML5, XHTML, parsing, validation, standards conformance.
HTTP 12 years Expert Server implementation, caching optimization and CDN architectures, headers and transfer encodings, HTTPS and SSL.
jQuery 4 years Proficient Ajax, DOM Manipulation
Node.js 2 years Proficient HTTP servers, npm, HTTPS/TLS, express.js, cheerio
XML 10 years Expert Expert Validation, parsing, transformation with XSLT, querying via XPath
SOAP/XMLRPC/REST 4 years Proficient
Cloud/Amazon Web Services Technologies
EC2 5 years Expert Auto scaling, Elastic Load Balancers, Spot/Reserved instances, capacity planning.
S3 5 years Expert
DynamoDB 1 year Expert Created Amazon::DynamoDB for Perl.
CloudFront 3 years Expert Multiple distributions, custom origins, RTMP streaming as well as web distributions.
CloudFormation 1 year Proficient Design of stacks for application deployment and scaling
CloudWatch 2 years Proficient Alarm and notification via SNS for error conditions and other events.
RDS 2 years Proficient Familiar with both MySQL and PostgreSQL for RDS use.
Redshift 1 year Proficient Import/Export, schema design and optimization
Route53 3 years Expert Load/Latency based DNS routing, fail over, health checks
Video Technologies
HTTP Live Streaming 1 year Proficient Adaptive bitrate streaming, on demand, caching and client specific limitations
RTMP/Flash Streaming 1 year Proficient Adaptive bitrate streaming, delivery and rebroadcasting, quality/bitrate optimization
H.264/AVC 1 year Proficient Encoding plan design with respect to devices and required quality and cost.
Cisco Media Servers 1 year Proficient Configuration, operation and monitoring for live event streaming
Content Delivery Networks 1 year Proficient Forecasting, evaluation, deployment, live streaming operations/monitoring. Akamai, Amazon CloudFront, ScaleEngine
ffmpeg 3 years Proficient Transcoding, video encoding
Flowplayer 1 year Proficient Player integration with CDNs
RTSP 1 year Proficient Supporting Android live streams
Zencoder 1 year Proficient Live Transcoding and on demand transcoding, troubleshooting
Environments and Operating Systems
Linux/Unix 15 years Expert Kernel debugging, TCP/IP tuning, large scale production administration, package management, GNOME project, X Windows, file systems, backup and replication.
Mac OS X 6 years Expert Development with XCode, DTrace, homebrew
Windows 13 years Expert Expert as a user, proficient as a developer.